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Java Academy is pioneers in training the working professionals, fresher and students to enter into the Java Technologies. Java Academy trains the graduate job seeker from the industry requirement perspective and not only we guide them to become master in Java Technologies but also prepare them to be a smart to get the job. Our approach is simply a practical approach. We have more than fifteen years experience of delivering high quality training and our methods work - for our trainees and for ourselves. Moreover, we possess a win-win philosophy which
adds value to the training institute and people we train.
We request students to visit our training institute to talk to the course coordinator who can give you the proper guidance.
We make sure we understand you and then deliver what is really needed to improve performance and to achieve a successful career.
Our communication process allows us to connect with you to produce outstanding results.
Customized courses with flexible experienced Java Trainers.
Experienced Trainers - communicate effectively making training enjoyable and productive
Small Class Sizes - allowing increased interaction time with trainer.
Hands-on - Learning by doing - reinforces the Learning Process.
Training Experience- Friendly, Informal Service
Our quality training which means that we have the systems in place to ensure that you get the training you need at a cost effective price.
Our training cost are competitive and provide excellent value for money. We do not compromise quality by skipping on any of the processes involved in training.
Working within our quality system we have a mix of in-house trainers and associates, giving us the capability to match exactly the right trainer to your needs. All trainers have extensive training and real world experience.
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Core Java, NetBeans, Eclipse, MyEclipse, MySQL, JDBC, Java Script, Servlets, Struts, JSP, JSF, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, RMI, AJAX, ANT, Log4J, JUnit, XML, UML, Web Services
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